Monday, January 14, 2013

Recent IGs

Recent snapshots into my life :)

1. I set up some pretty Christmas lights in my room this year.  2. I read Ivanhoe in 2012.  It was such a good read, and had many inspiring quotes.


3. I submitted a poem a few months ago to my school's magazine, and it was accepted!  I currently have two issues sitting in my home for those who'd like to read it :)  4. I wore my Doctor Who shirt and Gryffindor scarf to the midnight screening of The Hobbit.  I like my fandoms.


5. Songs that I listen to when my soul needs soothing.  6.  The first snow is the best.


7. I mostly use sharpies in my sketchbook.  8. Spoiled film!


9. My little love.  10. Spoiled film being put to use.


11. OBSESSED WITH WATER.  12. New Years Day: The Recovery


13. Flashback Friday: that time we saw Paul McCartney in concert.  It was amazing and a plethora of synonyms.  14. My Saturday nights often consist of 8 cups of coffee.


15. My sister and I have been getting into art & redecorating our room.  Pictured: work in progress.  16. The finished subjects: Beatles' quotes!

17. Thankful to be alive and able to go to church on Sunday.  I was out driving late the night before, and it was super icy!

Happy 2013!  I hope it's going well for everyone.  What are your goals and resolutions for the year?  Mine are mainly school, health, and self-growth.  I have a pretty heavy school load this semester, so I want to work on my procrastination problem by creating a reasonable study schedule and sticking to it.  Classes start this week.  With me luck!

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  1. That's awesome that your poem was published! Squeee!

    I love what you did with your spoiled film, and also your Beatles art wall!