Friday, December 28, 2012


Christmas Eve + Christmas Day, 2012

It snowed just days before Christmas

The presents were so pretty by the tree

We have the most random conglomeration of ornaments

We have a tradition of Chinese food for dinner on Christmas Eve

One of my favorite presents this year...

... Doctor Who: Series 5 :)

There were some... hilarious moments...

... like when my sister got The Lucky Ones instead of The Lucky One

But mostly it was just lovely moments of giving

& I got a freaking cute owl ornament from my BFF

It was an excellent Christmas

On Christmas Eve, I received two (2!) packages in the mail - both presents to myself, from myself, and both free.  One was this hat, and the other were red glasses.  I have yet to take off either.
Also, my brother was my Secret Santa, and he got me this squee-worthy sheep sweater.

I got a ton of Starbucks gift cards

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  It's not over yet!  Time to start on your New Year's resolutions.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your Christmas with your sweet family. Such special pictures! Our tree is also covered with a random conglomeration of ornaments - from Nativities and angels to nerdy Star Wars and Star Trek stuff, and also an owl! But your new owl is WAY cuter!

    Your hat, red glasses and sweater are the cutest!