Friday, January 25, 2013

On hate

These are my candid, spur-of-the-moment thoughts, and my thoughts alone.  I also don't claim to know everything.  Okay, I do claim to know everything, but I DO know that I actually don't know everything.

Hate is a tricky subject.  I fully believe it is possible to love and hate something or someone at the same time.  On a tangent that I will save for the future, I believe that humans want to categorize themselves in such a black and white way - i.e., you can either love or hate someone, not both at once - when in reality, we are capable of multiple feelings and opinions and attitudes, however contradictory they all might appear.

I'm not going to lie... I joke about hating people a lot.  Not specific people, but people in the general sense of the word.  

It's true; people make me sick.  I am constantly disgusted with the things that people do, and the things that have now become acceptable just because people won't stop doing and saying them.  I'm devastated at the direction the world is going.  The human race shames me all of the time.
But darn it if I don't still love them.

I hate and violently disagree with a lot of what our Mr. President says, does, and believes, but I love him for trying.  I love him because he's human, he was created by God, in God's own image and likeness - and if my all-perfect God loves someone that flawed, then clearly he is worth being loved, even by someone equally and maybe more flawed.  He is worth being loved by me.

I am, and undoubtedly will continue to be, the recipient of, what appears to me, undeserved hatred.  I know for a fact that there are people who claim to hate me, and I can't think of a single thing I've done to make it so.  I recognized this SO young, and it destroyed me.  I was insecure, and wanted nothing more than to be liked - and instead I was hated?

But now I believe that people don't hate you.  They can't possibly.  They hate a version of you that they've created - and what does that say about themselves?  If you create something, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it means that you wanted it in the first place.  People who create someone in their head to hate, just want someone to hate.

There is no possible way that anyone who hates you knows you well enough, knows enough about you, to hate you.  You know what?  I FULLY believe that if you knew every single thing about a person, everything about their life and who they are, you couldn't hate them.  You couldn't possibly, because if you knew everything, then you would know why they are or act in such a way that would make someone want to hate them.  A large part of who we are is what happens to us, and most of the time, we cannot control what happens to us.  So what right do others have to hate us?  And what right have we to hate others?

People don't hate other people.  People act horribly, people act unthinkably evilly toward one another because of an idea they have of another person.  They don't hate the person.  Hate for another, real person, doesn't exist.

And thus, the devil has already lost.

"What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally." ~(source unknown)

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