Sunday, August 18, 2013


Tomorrow is a School Day.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of my third year at a community college.  

This was not in my plan.  My plan went more like: two years of community college --> Associates Degree --> Two years at a university --> Bachelor's degree --> 2+ years at Grad school --> Master's degree in Speech Pathology --> job --> Marriage/children/live on a horse farm in Italy/&c. 

It's disappointing not to have it go exactly as I wanted it to go, but I do understand that I'm not the one drawing the master plan.  I don't know where every path in my life leads, but I trust that, if I let him, God will guide me down the right one.  I believe 100% that God holds the bigger picture, and I need to surrender any notion I have of being in control and let my burden rest in Him.  

So far, that path is the one that still includes community college and living at home.  In some ways, however, this is still a blessing.  Still living at home means I get to be with my family & pets.  I always have access to a car.  And I  will get to stay at my wonderful job for another whole year.  In this case, the blessings far outweigh the disappointments.

I have had plenty of blessings in this last week before school starts again.

I got to reconnect with my pen pal of 9+ years :)

Spend time with my favorite people

I've been taking a lot of pictures of details, because I always want to remember the little things.

Like how neat the fan looked, reflected in my e-reader

Or how spectacular the sunset was that night (we'll stay mum on the fact that this was taken in a Culver's drive-thru)

Or how sweet my kitty was that day.

I went to see the Arlington Million at Arlington Park, for the 9th year in a row

I spent time at the pool with my favorite people

& celebrated half-birthdays and last-days-before-school with Thai food and cookie sundaes.

Here's to another great school year!  (Blerg)

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