Tuesday, August 13, 2013


So far, in year 20 of my life, I have been a) working more.  b) Going to school more.  c) Fretting about money more.  

Seems about right.

I've had to make some difficult and unpleasant decisions regarding school, but I've been praying about it, and I feel at peace.  

Other than that, my life has just been working, volunteering, studying.  Here are some out of order Instagram pictures to tell my life story.



1. Wicked sunset. 2. Lunch with my cute sister. 3. My little friend. 4. Coffee at the Midwest Horse Fair. 5. I turned 20. It was weird. 6. Lunch at Greenfire for my bee day.

7. My sister was my +1 to a party <3. 8. I bought baby Pride & Prejudice... for myself. 9. Pretty Magnolia tree + photo editing app. 10. One of my favorite quotes from Lord of the Rings. 11 & 12. I took a quick trip to California to see a school.

13. LAX!  14. Got up at 4 AM for the darn flight. There's a 4 AM?  15. At least Boy Meets World played on the plane!  16. This Mexican restaurant was the bomb... you know, until it made me throw up FOUR TIMES periodically through the night, thus making me too ill to go to Disneyland the following day.  17. Magnolias... I never take enough pictures of them.  18. I got a pretty blue pedicure for my birthday.

19. Birthday card + presents from my sister, because she gets me.  20. I try to get him to play games with the Swiffer, but all he wants to do is clean.  21. Our local theatre performed Les Misérables, and it was magnifique. (Especially the 2nd time).  22. Abandoned houses make me sad.  23. Independence day!  24. Pretty town before fireworks.

25-30. I've missed Italy so much lately.  Probably related to the fact that the 1 year anniversary since I lived there came and went in July.

31. Being a Bears fan doesn't exactly endear me to Wisconsin, but I LOVE La Crosse, WI.  32. My BFFs & me at a wedding.  33. My happy cork board.  34. Pretty painting by my talented BFF.  35. Poster of a John Green quote via DFTBA records.  36. The Valentine I sent my sister.

37. (Kiddie) cocktail hour.  38. My cousin's wedding!  39.  ... yet another wedding, this time with my Br. brother!  40. I found a most interesting license plate in Wisconsin... #soulmate?  41. I farm-sat several times this summer.  42. Somedays, I need a reminder that I don't have to do what everyone else is doing.

43. With my bestie at a wedding.  44. I got my hair cut.  Good news, people: I still look 16 years old.

//end transmission

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