Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rendere grazie

11 months of grateful in photos

1) These crazy lovebirds (brother + his girlfriend). 2) Best Christmas presents ever (iPhone + TARDIS case)

3) My 3 punk cats. 4) My favorite people so spend time with on a Sunday morning (my brother was not happy that the Bulls were losing)

5) My beautiful Magnolia tree.  It bloomed two months early this year due to unseasonably warm weather!

6) Awesome Peeta shirt. 7) My cutie pie sister in the last picture ever taken of her with her braces on!

8) Hunger Games at midnight with my favorite people (sister + Aunt + brother + brother girlfriend)

9) BFF time on Easter!

10) It was also the day hair looked amazing


11) Avengers at midnight on my birthday. 12) A Dr. Seuss quote tweeted on my birthday.  Someone knew Dr. Seuss is my favorite.

13) My European adventure.  But you all know about that.  14) My generous parents and their generous birthday present to me

15) My beautiful new (second) cousin (once removed). Words cannot describe how precious she is, nor how joyful my family is to have her.  She's seven months old now!

16) My new brothers, Kolbe, Roger, Damien, and John - as well as my newly re-named brother, Ignatius :)

17) Hilarious texts with my soulmates

18) My beautiful best friends

19) My family... and our inability to make normal faces.

20) That time we saw Josh Hutcherson. Yeah. 21) Bringing my brother home again after not seeing him for an entire year.

22) A beautiful life

23) Sorrento

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. That iPhone case is AMAZING!

    The magnolias are beautiful, and so is the snow!