Monday, November 12, 2012



I have been...

• Trying not to kill myself over school. Only 43 days until Christmas!
• Working a lot. I play with a sweet baby boy for a few hours four days a week, and it is usually the highlight of my day.

• Praying and reading my bible a lot more. I find I can deal with a) school b) people c) myself a lot better when I am consistent in prayer. Praise God!

• Ivanhoe. I like to always have a classic on hand. It makes me feel smart. Luckily they're usually always enjoyable too!

• My Most Excellent Year. This is a reread. ♥
 • Days of Blood and Starlight {Laini Taylor}. I enjoyed the first one, Daughter of Smoke and Bone. It's an interesting and clever story.

• A trip to Chile over spring break with my school. Hopefully it will all work out!
• My transfer to university after RVC. I have my eye on a Catholic university with a good speech pathology AND pre-med program, my two career interests.
• My eventual move to Italy. I love the United States so much... but I've had it up to here with it's citizens.

• I could make it out to New Zealand next year to see my bff. Soon!
• I could find a way to spend my summer in Europe again.  The odds of that happening on a nanny's salary who is paying her own tuition and has a trip to Chile already planned are slim to zilch.
• I was further along in school than I am.  I didn't know what I wanted to study when I started at RVC, so I kind of floated along, taking whatever classes I fancied and dropping what didn't work out.  Now it's likely that I've got at least another 3 semesters here before I transfer, not including this current one.  

Obsessed with...
• Shopping online.  Now that I have money regularly, I find myself constantly buying clothes online.  I'd wager that 85% of my fall wardrobe was bought online.

The entire contents of this outfit were bought online.  Even the TARDIS iPhone cover.

• Sleeping.  It's a thing.  Unfortunately I'm feeling too stressed to sleep well
• Everything holiday-related.  Particularly the music & the Starbucks drinks

• This Modcloth skirt, apparently

• and this movie.  See it.

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