Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recent IGs

Once upon a time, my mommy got me this SUPER nice Nikon camera

It takes amazing pictures, and makes everything look x34549 more beautiful than they already are.  i.e.

I love this camera.  I take it with me whenever I travel.
However, I find the easiest way to capture my day to day life, at home and here in Sorrento, is with my phone.  I always have my phone on hand, and I am constantly snapping photos of what happens around me throughout the day.
Some recent photos:

1. Coin is a popular department store here.  2. Cappuccino at Bagni Sant'anna

3. The Italian equivalent of a frappuccino. Delizioissimo!  4. My favorite lunch: gnocchi di mamma e vino rosso

5. I've tried 3 different versions of caffè freddo, and Bar Tasso's is the best.  6. My absolute favorite pizza: caprese at Syrenuse!

7. My school. Mi piace.  8. Books are my favorite souvenirs. Qui: To Kill a Mockingbird

9. Souvenir shopping.  10. A good afternoon

11. The object of this picture was my new purse.  Let's forget that and talk about how fabulous my calf looks. All those stairs!  12. Positano... again

13. I drink green tea every night, but it's been freaking hot.  So one night I made iced green tea.  But the ice melted, so it was just slightly chilled green tea. & that is my sad story.  14. I tried cherries for the FIRST TIME, and I loved them!

15. This weekend was so humid that Mt. Vesuvius disappeared into the smog!  Compare the above pictures, and please note that a 2,000m active volcano is missing in one of them.

16. It was so hot that I spent the majority of the day on the (blessed) tile floor.  17. But eventually Katie and I roused our overheated selves and went out for dinner

18. The garden at Sorrento Lingue.  19. A beautiful statue of Blessed Pope John Paul II (Beato Giovanni Paolo II) on the main street

20. Caffè con panna = espresso + whipped cream = yummy in my bocca.  21. Surprising myself by discovering that I prefer mineral water (acqua minerale) over still water (aqcua naturale)

22. Monday's sunset from my bathroom.  I have spent plenty of time in the bathroom JUST to look outside this window.  23. My favorite cappuccino spot at night.

Buona sera xx

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  1. You DO get great pictures with that camera of yours!