Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ciao, io sono Teresa. E tu?

Ciao amici!
I've been in Sorrento for two full days now, and it's been wonderful.  The first night, I suffered from severe culture shock - that is to say, I was homesick.  However, the next day it was completely gone!  I miss my family and friends, and coffee to go, but in just two days I've already warmed up to living in Sorrento.

Since it's already eleven here, I'll save my thoughts on the town and Italy in general for another day.  For now, I leave you with pictures**!:

1. View from my apartment
2. Dinner & a sunset
3. Espresso - mmmm
4. Rainy Sorrento
5. Daily trudge to school (so.many.steps)
6. Glorious sunset
7. The Marina Grande
8. Pizza margherita, Neapolitan style. It's pretty much a daily thing
9. Ridiculous tirimisu is ridiculous
10. Vesuvius
11. The first of many gelati 

**All of the above pictures were taken on my cellphone.  I'm giving myself at least a week to chill out and learn to live like an Italian before I whip out my big camera and expose myself as a tourist.  So, better pictures to come in the future!


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